Urban Cycling Gear -Part 2- Comfort & Confidence in Your Saddle

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In this article I will be continuing my Urban Cycling Gear series. Here in part 2 “Comfort & Confidence in Your Saddle”, I have compiled a list of the gear and upgrades to keep you more comfortable and confident while attacking your urban route’s.

If you haven’t checked out part 1 “Safety in the Saddle” make sure you go check it out, to see if you have all the gear you need in your Urban Assault Safety Kit.

We will be going over item from your apparel to your peddles the the tires, that will make all the difference in your commute.

Comfort – Making your UDC an extension of yourself!


In my opinion choosing the right saddle will make all the difference when it comes to enjoying your urban cycling experience.

This can be a very challenging obstacle at times, with all the options out there. You are probably going to have to try on a few to find the right fit, and if you are anything like myself you probably want  something that looks as good on your bike and feels amazing on your tush.

I have tried everything from Cloud 9 to Brook’s. Cloud 9 saddles  are comfortable for the price but lack the aesthetic appeal I look for. Brook’s saddles took me a while to get into. They look amazing, but I was worried about the comfort-ability. Once I got the nerve to drop the extra cash on a Brook’s saddle and broke it in I almost never looked back at any other saddle.

I actually never even thought I would think of looking for a different saddle company, but low and behold. That friend of mine with the amazingly tricked out bike. Had this saddle on his bike that was made by a Doctor. Ever since I rode his bike my poor Brook’s saddle just isn’t the same.

What is it? The Infinity Seat, I can’t promote this saddle enough.(I will be doing a review on this saddle in the future, what do you think?) If You own one of these saddles let us all know your thoughts in the comments section.

Tire Size

Sorry guys size does matter, well when it comes to comfort.

With larger tires comes some pros and cons, however there is a middle ground. While 700x23c tires look cool they sure do affect the feeling in the saddle, with there limited amount of cush. They do offer less rolling resistance at the same time, however if your bike allows it going up to property inflated 28c tires.

28c rubbers may actually offer the ability to ride faster while offering better handling and a bit more comfort on that tailbone, as you ride through the rough city streets. This is possible because the added size acts as a shock absorber creating less fatigue, awesome right.

Shock Absorbing Seatpost and Stem

Yes you read that right, a shock absorbing stem!

As you can tell I’m a bit excited about this subject here. When I heard of RedShift Sports, my mind was blown. So I went and talked to one of the local bike shops, a sponsor of my community service project, and asked if they had a RedShift stem and seat stay. To my surprise not only did they have one but the owner had one on his personal bike, he let me take his beautiful ride out for a test.

Next thing I knew I was hooked. I have one set now and am going to be buying more stems for my other bikes. This system is so amazing, and the amount of fatigue it reduces is mind blowing. The seat post has the coolest shock ever, in my opinion, tell me in the comments Your thoughts.

RedShift StemRedShift Seatpost





I recommend that you at least check these out. If you get one, you will be wondering how you have been commuting without it.

Mud Guards and Fenders

There isn’t much worse than having a wet backside, and if you live in a area where rain is prevalent, a mud guard or a set of fenders is a must have.

There is nothing like getting to the office or arriving to a date having a giant wet stripe up your back, to prevent this you will need to invest in a good set of fenders or mud guards. To know what to buy, you must first understand the difference.

The main difference is that fenders cover most of the tire, and connect to the frame in multiple locations. They are a more secure options of rain protection. While mud guards typically connect in one location and are easily removed when not in use, most commonly they mount to your seat stay.

Luckily there are so so many fender styles out there for just about every budget, this is another great opportunity to add some style and function to your UDC.

For those that don’t see much rain grabbing a good mud guard may be your best option. There are many options that are easily removed and stored away in your urban commuter EDC, they even have stylish options available.


  • Water-resistant, Moisture Wicking & Reflective


Just like mud guards and fenders you can have some additional security if you invest I a nice set of water-resistant pants, socks and jacket. You will want to make sure that they are breathable, because the last thing you ever want is to smell like you just left the GYM.

Speaking of smelling like a GYM bag, you will want to look at investing in some moisture wicking garments that you can wear under your outfit to stay looking as fresh as you ride.

When shopping for your wet gear you want look for something lightweight so that when your not wearing them you can store them away with your urban commuter EDC’s. Don’t forget to get some shoe covers to keep your kicks staying dry and smelling fresh.


As I mentioned in the safety section this is very important, you want to be seen at night so you don’t end up a statistic. With all the stylish new cyclist apparel out there it is super easy to find something that fits your style and budget. Just like above-mentioned look for lightweight breathable materials.

My water-resistant and reflective solution go to is PEARL iZUMi Elite Barrier convertible bike jacket pictured on the left, I picked mine up at my local shop, because I wanted to ensure the fit and color match of my main bike (a bit obsessive I know).

  • Shoes & Pedals

Having the right type of shoes & pedals for your commute is essential.

There are many options out there, you can ride a basic peddle with your normal shoes, add some straps and toe clips for a bit of added security, but for even more security you can go clipless.

I chose Crank Brorother’s double shot pedals for two reason, one the added support / feeling of being one with my bike and the style, take a look stunning right. Plus I was able to buy a pair of quite comfortable shoes to go along with them as well. With these I can comfortably wear them on or off the bike(very important in everyday commuting).

Stay comfortable, Stay fresh

If you found this helpful check out part 3 “Put it on The Rack“. Where I will be going over the different storage solutions for your bike, to ensure all your essential gear stays organized.

Thank you for your your support, see you in part 3

Ride fast, Ride hard, Be Confident

Samuel “BicycleBob”Cunningham

Founder: Bicycle Bob’s CyclEssentials


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